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The Life-Saving Community

Helply is a unique community where people and technology work together to enhance safety and emergency response.

Safety Messages

As a Helply member, you are encouraged to share public safety messages about dangerous situations as soon as possible using the Helply mobile app. A dangerous situation may include: unusual incidents, accidents, threats, severe weather, etc. These real time messages inform other Helply members and allow them to quickly take action to protect themselves.

Emergency Alerts

In case of emergency, call 911 immediately. If you still need immediate assistance and wish to share urgent data with the Helply user community, you may quickly and easily post an emergency alert on Helply. The mobile application lets you enter your name, your GPS location and a short description of the emergency. All Helply members in the same region can see your emergency alert and provide you assistance on a voluntary basis. Care should be taken not to place yourself at risk while attempting to help others.


With Helply free app, you can:

Premium Features

With Helply Premium subscription, you can:


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