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Create and start using your Helply ID

Your Helply ID is the account you use to access Top Priority mobile application and services. You need this account to protect your data and access Premium features.

Do you already have a Helply ID?

You only need one Helply ID. Before you create a new Helply ID, consider whether it might be better to continue using one you already have. Remember that you might not be able to move data or purchases from an old Helply account to a new one.

If you aren’t sure if you already have a Helply ID, use function “I forgot my password”. If you receive an email from Helply, this means you are already registered.

Fill in the signup form

You can create your Helply account from the mobile application. 

Here’s what you need:

Verify your email address

Helply will send you a Welcome message by email.

To activate your Helply ID, you must click on the validation link within 24 hours*. This action confirms us you are the owner of this email address.

The registration process is completed and you can start using your account.

* If your validation link becomes invalid, no problem, you can restart at previous step.

Sign in with your Helply ID

Use the same Helply ID and password every time you’re asked to sign in to Helply mobile application and related services. With your Helply ID, you can:

See a complete list of features and services that use your Top Priority ID

Help us protect your account

Because your Helply ID is used across all your devices and services, it’s important to keep your account information up to date. The security and privacy of your Helply ID is very important to us. Here are some things you can do to make sure your account remains private and secure:

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