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Logic Server

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Logic Server


Logic Server® is the desktop companion for Slideshow Remote®.


Logic Server uses the Bonjour for Windows technology from Apple to establish an automatic connection with your mobile device. It’s free and provided with the Apple iTunes software. If iTunes is not installed on your computer you can always use the manual connection mode.

  Win Mac
Operating systems XP/Vista/7/8/10 OS X 10.8
PowerPoint integration ’03/’07/’10/’13’16 ’11/’16
Keynote integration N/A ’09/6/7
Zero Configuration Networking Yes Yes
Automatic connection Yes Yes
Manual connection Yes No
Passcode security Yes Yes
Screen capture / Current slide Yes Yes
Next slide / Thumbnails Yes Yes
Presenter’s notes Yes Yes
Black screen/White screen Yes Yes
Download slides Yes Yes
Mouse Control Yes No
Multiple monitors support Yes No
Check for web updates Yes Yes

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