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Helply revolutionizes public safety and emergency response

LogicInMind unveils Helply, a community and mobile application that allow users to broadcast public safety messages and emergency alerts.

(PRWEB) September 24, 2018 – LogicInMind announced today that a new community and mobile application has been made available worldwide to complement public services during emergency situations.

In the wake of accidents and disasters affecting millions of people, LogicInMind wanted to support relief and recovery efforts. Helply is innovative in that it brings together the power of a community, an emergency button, a GPS locator, safety alerts and a communication network into a single application.

“Our goal is to develop a unique community where people and technology work together to enhance safety and emergency response.” – LogicInMind

The Helply platform is highly secure, scalable and flexible. As a result, the community will have all the tools and technologies required to organize new initiatives. Here are just a few examples on how Helply could improve public safety in the future:

Safety Messages

Helply members are encouraged to share public messages about dangerous situations as soon as possible using the Helply mobile app. A dangerous situation may include: unusual incidents, accidents, threats, severe weather, etc. These real time messages inform other Helply members and allow them to quickly take action to protect themselves.

Emergency Alerts

Helply members must call 911 in case of emergency. If they still need immediate assistance and wish to share urgent data with the Helply user community, they may quickly and easily post an emergency alert on Helply. The mobile application lets a user enter its name, its GPS location and a short description of the emergency. All Helply members in the same region can see the emergency alert and provide assistance on a voluntary basis. Care should be taken not to place themselves at risk while attempting to help others.


Helply free features include:

A Helply Premium subscription unlocks this important additional feature:

Pricing and Availability

Helply is available worldwide as a free download exclusively through Apple’s App Store. Helply Premium is a one-year subscription for only $2.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. Please visit www.helply.co for more information.

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