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Bushfire Emergency Plan

Bushfire Emergency Plan

If you experience a fire emergency, follow these steps:

  • Know the fire danger ratings and what they mean. Use them as your trigger to stay or leave the area.
  • Don’t wait and see. It is extremely dangerous to leave after there are signs of fire in your area. Come up with a plan to decide when to leave, where you will go and how you will get there.
  • Consider moving children, the elderly and people with illness or disability, as well as animals, away from danger as early as possible.
  • If you live in or intend to travel to a high-risk bushfire area, know the location of the nearest bushfire safer place, meeting point or evacuation centre and how to get there.
  • Check emergency reports on FM radio and Internet to stay up to date with conditions.
  • Always notify your family and friends of your plans and intensions to stay or go.
  • Make sure your bushfire survival kit is ready and you know of its location.
  • Call 911 (emergency) if you are in danger and say ‘fire’ to the operator.
  • Use Helply community and mobile application to:
    • share a public safety message to inform others;
    • post an emergency alert if you need immediate assistance from the community;

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