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38,000 Coronavirus Cases in N.Y.C. and 39 Dead

38,000 Coronavirus Cases in N.Y.C. and 39 Dead

New York officials reported 66,500 cases of the coronavirus, most of them in New York City where 38,087 people have been infected. The number of reported deaths on Monday reached 914. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that the worst of the coronavirus outbreak was yet to come and “If you wait to prepare for a storm to hit, it is too late”.

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First Case of Coronavirus in NYC

New York State officials confirmed the first case of coronavirus in New York City. The woman is currently isolated in her home. There are currently 76 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the United States.

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Coronavirus Infections Reach 29 in US

A total of 14 of American evacuees from the virus-plagued cruise ship have the #coronavirus. This nearly doubled the number of confirmed infections to 29 in US. Get free #Helply app to know where they are http://bit.ly/helplyapp

Deaths From Coronavirus Reach 908 in China

The number of deaths from coronavirus reached 908 in China. While the number of newly confirmed infections has stabilized, a total of 41 171 people are infected across China. The coronavirus was first observed in Wuhan, the largest city in Central China. #helply #coronavirus

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