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Slideshow Remote

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Slideshow Remote Notes

Slideshow Remote handles notes better than any other remote!

View your reader’s notes

PowerPoint let you type reader’s notes under each slide of your presentation. These notes are not visible by the audience but Slideshow Remote let you read your personal notes at any time during the slide show.

Your notes have style

PowerPoint let you add formatting to your notes with the Format > Font dialog box. Slideshow Remote will display your notes with line returns, bold, italic, underline and colors.

Unicode international characters

No users are left behind with Slideshow Remote. Notes are displayed using the full set of Unicode international characters. You can insert special symbols as well as text in your native language.

Select and copy notes

You can also select and copy your notes in Slideshow Remote. To begin, tap and hold down over the notes area. Then extend selection and tap copy. You can paste the text into the Notes application or send it by e-mail. Notes cannot be edited inside Slideshow Remote.

Browse your hyperlinks!

To use hyperlinks, open your desktop web browser and copy the hyperlink of your choice. Then edit your PowerPoint document and paste the link into the notes area.

During the presentation tap the hyperlink to navigate on Internet. This hidden feature is very useful to access Wikipedia definitions without leaving Slideshow Remote. Notes and Internet are not visible by your audience.

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