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Slideshow Remote

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Slideshow Remote Quick Guide

This quick reference guide presents swipe gestures and commands available to control your slideshow presentations. Slideshow Remote is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Open Office Impress. You can also control any application that supports Page Up & Page Down keys: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, your web browser and many other applications.

Slideshow Screen

Go to next slide
Simply tap the screen inside the preview area to display the next slide.
Go to next slide
If you prefer you can tap the screen and slide your finger to the right.
Go to previous slide
To display the previous slide tap the screen and slide your finger to the left.
Refresh screen
If your device isn’t in sync with the slideshow tap on the screen and slide your finger upward (or downward).
01:15:45Elapsed time
Go to previous/next slide
Quick jump slider

Controls Screen

Go to previous slide
Go to next slide
Go to first slide
Go to last slide
Start slideshow
Stop slideshow
Refresh screen
Full screen view
Blank screen
Reset elapsed time

Notes Screen

Display the slideshow. Use gestures to change or refresh slides.
Presenter’s Notes
Display the slide notes. Swipe up and down to scroll.

Settings Screen

To connect Slideshow Remote for the first time:

  1. Start your personal computer
  2. Browse to www.logicinmind.com
  3. Download the free Logic Server
  4. Install and run Logic Server
  5. Start Slideshow Remote on your device
  6. Tap “Automatic Connection”
  7. Select your device in Logic Server
  8. Enter the Passcode

To connect Slideshow Remote the next time:

  1. Start Logic Server on your computer
  2. Start Slideshow Remote on your device
  3. Select a server name in the list
Find a new server
Connect your device to a new server.
Passcode Screen
Type this number in Logic Server.
Server List
Connect your device to a known server.
Swipe a server name to forget it.
Click Sound
Play a sound on slide change


I’m unable to connect to my computer:

Check the following conditions:

Slide notes are not available:

The slideshow is not in sync:

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