Top Priority mobile app helps you organize and prioritize your tasks in order to maximize your productivity and achieve your goals.


“Top Priority personal management system has only one mission: letting you focus all day long on what is really important, with just a few minutes of planning each morning.” – LogicInMind


Top Priority app is exclusively available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

With Top Priority free app, you can:

  • Add tasks on-the-go and manage them with ease
  • Organize and keep track of all your personal and professional tasks
  • Quickly view and prioritize your tasks for the day or week to come
  • Assign due dates so you’ll never forget to follow through

Premium Features

With Top Priority Premium subscription, you can:

  • Synchronize your data across your devices
  • Backup your data on secure cloud servers


  • Designed for professional results
  • Learn how to set yourself SMART goals
  • Accurately estimate task duration
  • Schedule your time like a pro
  • Eliminate non-value added activities
  • Better serve your internal and external customers